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We began planning editorial for our 100th issue well over eight months ago. We knew this was a huge milestone for the publication, our advertisers, and our readers, so, we wanted to be sure to encompass all that happened through the years. How do you compress almost nine years of content into one issue? That was our challenge for sure. After multiple editorial meetings and a barrage of different ideas, we decided to go back to our very first issue.

In October 2008, Healthy Living magazine debuted and featured “10 steps to Healthier Living.” In the first issue, we wanted to be sure the focus of Healthy Living was clear. Therefore, we put together an advisory board of local experts representing healthcare, finance, fitness, mental health, and spirituality. These are the areas in which HL would be focused, because we believe if you are healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially, then you are living a well-balanced lifestyle.

The magazine was instantly a hit within our community and throughout the state of Florida. Healthy Living was voted the “Best New Magazine” by the Florida Magazine Association in 2009 and has consistently placed in the Best Overall Magazine category every year since its inception.

Through the years we had the ultimate pleasure of representing Lake County and its residents, and were honored to feature individuals that became an inspiration to many of our readers. We shared the challenging journey of B.E. Thompson, who began a path to a healthier lifestyle. Weighing more than 500 pounds, doctors told him if he did not improve his health by losing weight he might not live much longer. We followed B.E.’s journey step-by-step and shared his triumphs and challenges with our readers. His story garnered the attention of national news networks as he lost more than 350 pounds. His amazing accomplishments inspired millions to seek a healthier life.

Another Healthy Living story that went viral was the story of Jaxon Buell. A little boy who was born with multiple complications and a life-threating illness, who touched the hearts of people, not just across the country, but the entire world.

These are just two stories of the thousands of people featured that have impacted the lives of our readers. Healthy Living magazine is a publication of inspiration. I have been so honored to be the publisher of this fantastic magazine during the last 100 issues. And I am looking forward to the next 100 with vigor, excitement, and determination.

I would like to thank our advertisers for the ongoing value they place in Healthy Living. Many of which have been represented in advertising in all 100 issues! Of course, without the readers, the magazine would not have achieved this milestone. Thank you for your loyal following and for consistently reading Healthy Living magazine.

Merry Christmas


Kendra Akers

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