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Absolutely Gluten Free Tahini Bars

Written by Leigh Neely

Though they sound like great places to get a tropical drink, Absolutely Gluten Free Tahini Bars are a tasty, low-calorie snack to eat without guilt. The Healthy Living staff shared the samples, and everyone gave them a thumbs up! Though the Cocoa Nibs were the favorite, we also enjoyed the Vanilla and Pistachio bars.

One of our graphic artists is Turkish, and he was delightedto enjoy halva bars, something most of us on staff had never heard of. At any rate the healthy bars were delicious and all of them were eaten. Not only did the health nuts among us like them, those who were dieting were impressed with the 100-calorie bars.

The sesame seed snack is certified Kosher and dairy free. Made with all natural, roasted sesame seeds, they also give you an energy boost and provide a source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, calcium, iron,zinc, and potassium—and they still taste great and are gluten free.

Enjoy one of these guilt-free snacks today and start your New Year plan of eating healthier early.

Absolutely Gluten Free Tahini Bars are available through various sources online including and

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