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Enjoy DAVIDsTEA for Many Reasons

Written by Paula F. Howard

When tea is called an “Organic Hangover Helper,” you know it’s not your mother’s tea.

DAVIDsTEA offers tea with flavors like Honey Prosecco, Mulled Wine, Sticky Rice Oolong, and Swampwater. The company gets the prize for names, it’s true, but it also gets a star (or three or four) for taste, too.

This is the first tea I can sip without sweetener or any additive, white or otherwise.

Enjoying the “Pumpkin Chai” on a cold Florida night is akin to taking a long, slow bath (like on a recent episode of Outlander)…just delicious! The aroma was superb.

The DAVIDsTEA line offers the usual black, green, and herbal teas either caffeinated or caffeine-free. But then they ascend to another level with mate, oolong, pu’erh, and rooibos teas. They also offer organic and Kosher certifications.

Promising to “responsibly source unique and fresh-tasting teas from gardens around the planet” according to their website, they also state their line offers over 30 traditional teas “from the world’s best senchas (Japanese green tea) to the hard-to-get black teas.

Continually discovering new varieties every season, they curate a small-batch of selected limited-edition loose-leaf teas. Who knew the world of tea was so endless?

What’s most appealing is their line of teaware with a distinct shape of cup/mugs that carry their own infusers. Simply place your selection of loose-leaf tea into the infuser inside the comfortably deep cup, add very hot to boiling water and steep, then lift the infuser out and you have a perfect cup of tea without any muss or fuss.

At DAVIDsTEA, drinking tea is a way of life, an entrée into the exciting world of aromas and flavors intended to assist your mood. Their tea can lift you up, calm you down, relax you, even inspire you to do great things—or nothing at all.

Here are some types offered by DAVIDsTEA :

  • Mate – South American yerba herb tea drunk through a metal straw. Boosts energy.
  • Oolong – Caffeine tea from Camellia Sinensis plant that sharpens thinking and alertness.
  • Pu’erh –  Chinese tea from chia seeds that assists in metabolizing fat. Drink one hour after eating to aid in weight loss.
  • Rooibos – South African red tea full of anti-oxidants which offers many health benefits.

DAVIDsTEA  offers all these types, and with their infuser cups, there is possibly one more benefit:

Perhaps one could learn to read tea leaves by looking into the infuser. (I think it would work.)

Want to make the perfect cup of tea?

Learn on their website at www.DAVIDsTEA .com under Instructions: Put one to two spoonfuls of their (loose) tea in a 16-ounce cup of hot water (200 degrees) or a 10-ounce cup for iced. Steep four to five minutes, and drink hot or top with cubes for iced tea.

Then, sit back and enjoy!

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