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kendraThis month it is back to school for many of our Lake County students, but that doesn’t mean summer is coming to an end.

It is still blistering hot outside, and many families will try to find fun-filled ways to beat the heat after a long, hot school day and on the weekends. I had the pleasure of taking two family vacations this summer, one with my entire family on a week-long trip to Captiva Island, and the second, a cruise with my daughters—Shaena and Brooke—to celebrate their July birthdays.

Both vacations were filled with lounging in the sun for hours—day in and day out. Although we took the precaution of using sunscreen, we all ended up with the dreaded sunburned skin.

The thought of having that perfect Coppertone tan is very appealing, but we must not succumb to the temptation of applying less sunscreen to achieve it. Therefore, we at Healthy Living want to make sure our readers are able to find ways to keep cool and also be aware of the health risks involved with overexposure to the sun, such as heat exhaustion.

We feel it’s necessary that you know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In this month’s issue, we’ve got helpful information on how to stay safe and feeling good in our “Beat the Heat” article. But we still want you to have fun—so we included a guide for you to inform you about all the fun things you can do in Lake County that involve staying cool and enjoying our beautiful lakes and water parks.

Remember—healthy skin is beautiful skin, so be sure and apply that sunscreen, wear hats and visors, and protect your eyes with a great pair of sunglasses.

Stay healthy,

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