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It’s time to dig gardening

img_3003-2November is undoubtedly one of my favorite times of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, meaning I’ll spend plenty of quality time with friends and family.

I also look forward to getting an extra hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings time, seeing whichcandidates win in local and national elections, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Another highlight of November is the weather. We say goodbye to the sticky, suffocating, sizzling summer heat and humidity that we endure from May through early October. We say hello to sunny, mild days and crisp, nighttime temperatures.

For that reason, being outdoors in November is a lovely experience. And that’s why this month’s issue is getting to the root of an exciting outdoor activity—gardening.

Gardening continues to blossom in popularity. Some people have their own backyard gardens, while others enthusiastically participate in community gardens. ‘Lettuce’ tell you why your health benefits will bloom by becoming involved with gardening.

For starters, gardening provides moderate exercise and forces us to use major muscle groups in our body. Secondly, gardening encourages self-reliance because we continually seek new solutions when we encounter challenges of growing a garden. Finally, producing healthy food fuels our bodies with nutrients and keeps us away from the grease- and calorie-filled foods we typically consume.

That’s why it excites me to see how Lake County schools and businesses are doing their part to cultivate students’ interest in gardening, which is the focus of this month’s issue.

When children participate in gardening, it helps them understand and develop an appreciation for where their food comes from.

Moreover, it instills important qualities such as responsibility, leadership, independence, teamwork, and problem-solving. Give gardening a try and be sure to involve your children or grandchildren. The plants and vegetables you put in the dirt are
not the only things that will grow.

You’ll grow as a person.





Kendra Akers

About the author

Kendra Akers

Kendra Akers is a lifelong resident of Lake County. She and husband, Doug, have five children, Michael, 23, Matthew, 21, Aubrey, 17, Shaena, 17 and Brooke, 15. She has been in the publishing industry since 1999, beginning her career as a marketing representative for a local newspaper. Since then, Kendra has worked at various publications and was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a magazine publisher with her launch of Healthy Living Magazine in 2008. She then launched her second publication, VLIFE, in 2009 and purchased Lake and Sumter STYLE Magazine in 2010. She is proud to report her publications, published by Akers Media Group, have been recognized in numerous categories for “Publishing Excellence.” The most recent accomplishment was when Healthy Living Magazine was voted “Best Overall Magazine” by the Florida Magazine Association for the fourth year in a row! In her spare time, she enjoys most sports and likes to spend her free time offshore fishing near Crystal River, Florida.

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