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Legacy Clinic Chiropractic: Specialties under one roof serving The Villages community

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Chiropractic care is rooted in the science and belief that the mind and body can heal itself, not just from stiff necks, whiplash, or slipped discs, but from illness and chronic pain. This can be easily achieved when the body is treated from a holistic approach with a team of dedicated healthcare practitioners. 

At Legacy Clinic Chiropractic, the staff of three chiropractors, Dr. John Theeck, Dr. Angel Boyazis, and Dr. Chris Kessler, might seem sufficient for your needs. However, their staff also includes Aaron Perry, who has a master’s degree in oriental medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist, along with Christi Lee Arocho, Melissa King, and Leslie Markham, all licensed massage therapists who perform therapeutic and medical massage. In addition, a CBD or cannabidiol educator, Gus Muniz came on board recently.

The doctors and their staff collaborate on treatment for every patient. Their aim is to find relief and healing as quickly as possible by utilizing a combination of all natural and holistic approaches. “Our various options under one roof allows us to work collaboratively in order to select the most appropriate treatment option for the patient,” Dr. Theeck says. “We all work with the same approach and goal, allowing us to get things done faster and better.”

Dr. Theeck is especially proud that he and the other doctors still work with the manual techniques many patients prefer. Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation utilizes the highly refined skills developed during years of intensive study by the doctors.

“We had a patient come in a month ago in agony, and she couldn’t get in to see her back surgeon for six weeks,” Dr. Theeck says. “After a month of treatment, she told me she felt great and had canceled her appointment for surgery.”

This type of testimony is heard daily at Legacy Clinic Chiropractic where the team of physicians, therapists, and a CBD educator have created an award-winning, integrative clinic that helps patients get away from pain and illness without the use of drugs or surgery.

Legacy Clinic Chiropractic // 1950 Laurel Manor Dr., The Villages // 352.259.0024 //

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