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Should I seek medical treatment if I’ve been in an automobile accident?

Dr. Jeffrey Glover

Yes. Remember, when you’ve been involved in a car wreck, your adrenaline is pumping at first. Because of that you may not realize anything is wrong. The next day you may feel sore. And then the next day you might not be able to move. 

For some, it could take days, weeks, months, or even years for the injuries to affect your life, and by the time symptoms show up the condition may have deteriorated. Even minor wrecks can result in long-term injuries. If you are rear-ended, you may experience whiplash symptoms such as neck pain with arm pain or numbness or recurring headaches. A bulging or herniated disc may take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to heal. You could also have fractures or instability in certain areas of your body, as well as torn ligaments. 

It’s always a wise idea to be examined by a doctor to find out whether or not you sustained an injury. The earlier an injury is treated the better the outcome. I’ve successfully treated many patients who have been involved in motor vehicle crashes. Using x-rays, I can find out the level of impact from the accident and how to most effectively treat the patient. Patients see a reduction in their pain, can move normally again, and experience a higher quality of life—all without prescription drugs or expensive surgery. Of course, there are times when a patient requires medical care that we don’t offer here, but we serve as a good screening process. 

Another reason to seek prompt medical attention is due to Florida law. If you are injured in a traffic collision and do not obtain medical attention within 14 days, your insurance company may not provide medical coverage. Therefore, even if you do not feel any pain after the accident, I highly recommend getting an exam because you do not want expensive medical bills to accumulate down the road. 

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