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Psst! Can I tell you about this problem I’m having?

Written by Kendra Akers

Throughout a woman’s lifespan, a number of health concerns can arise. We face all types of medical questions that we feel too embarrassed to address with our health-care provider. I try to remind myself that medical professionals see and deal with these scenarios on a routine basis, but that still does not make it any easier.

That is why in this month’s issue, we do our very best to answer some of those questions for you. For example, have you ever wondered what it means when your poop is a strange color? You wanted to ask someone, but how do you bring that question up over a cup of coffee?

Or how about those painful cramps and mood swings we experience at certain times of the month? Are we alone in this, or are there other women who are suffering as well? It seems almost impossible to talk to our spouses or significant others about this, because they just don’t seem to understand. And the worst-case scenario is when you are moody and having a hard time, and your spouse makes the grave mistake of asking you, “Are you on your period?” That can make a woman go from aggravated to boiling hot lava in a matter of 1.5 seconds flat.

The good news: you are not alone. We all struggle with the same issues, some worse than others. And even though our health conditions are not always easy to talk about, it is important to remember that women have been experiencing these issues since the beginning of time and there usually is an effective treatment option available.

So, don’t be embarrassed or afraid. If you need guidance or answers, a good first place to start is reviewing your concerns with a medical practitioner.

See you next month,




Kendra Akers

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Kendra Akers

Kendra Akers is a lifelong resident of Lake County. She and husband, Doug, have five children, Michael, 23, Matthew, 21, Aubrey, 17, Shaena, 17 and Brooke, 15. She has been in the publishing industry since 1999, beginning her career as a marketing representative for a local newspaper. Since then, Kendra has worked at various publications and was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a magazine publisher with her launch of Healthy Living Magazine in 2008. She then launched her second publication, VLIFE, in 2009 and purchased Lake and Sumter STYLE Magazine in 2010. She is proud to report her publications, published by Akers Media Group, have been recognized in numerous categories for “Publishing Excellence.” The most recent accomplishment was when Healthy Living Magazine was voted “Best Overall Magazine” by the Florida Magazine Association for the fourth year in a row! In her spare time, she enjoys most sports and likes to spend her free time offshore fishing near Crystal River, Florida.

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