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Remember who we are. We are givers.

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As I write this letter, it has been just a few days after receiving the results of the presidential election. The news is filled with reports of riots, protests, citizens signing a petition to demolish the Electoral College, and death threats to the new president-elect. We all knew that no matter the results, half of our country was going to be disappointed, hurt, and angry. What we didn’t know is how violent the protest would be. No matter what your party affiliation is, or what your beliefs are, you have to ask yourself—how is this possible? Especially when we know the people in this country are historically very compassionate, loving, and giving.

In times of need, we band together and help each other. That is what has made this country so incredible and so revered by other nations. Thinking back to 9/11, you didn’t see differences being called to light. You saw a country come together to support each other and mourn together. During times of national disasters, such as Hurricanes Sandy and Matthew, you saw Americans give and help the victims of these terrible storms. During terrorist attacks like San Bernardino California and Orlando this past year, you didn’t see Americans fighting each other. You saw them loving each other and consoling each other.

I say, let’s not wait for times of disaster. We act now. We will always have differences between us, but we still have one thing in common—we are Americans, and we all love this country. There are ways to work together for the greater good, and to ensure that every American feels at home, accepted, and respected. We won’t accomplish this by fighting and continued divisiveness, or by pointing fingers and looking for the worst in each other.

This month’s issue “Healthy Giving” comes at a perfect time. It serves as a reminder that at the core, we are all good people. We support our less fortunate, and we lift each other up when we are down.

In this issue, you will find businesses that give to local charities and extraordinary people who have made it their life mission to help others. We are a community of individuals who care about their brothers and sisters and are happy to lend a hand to those in need.

I want to see more of this, especially now in a time of differences. Remember we are all Americans, and we all belong.

Merry Christmas,





Kendra Akers

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