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John Collopy, author of “The Reward of Knowing” and also a successful real estate broker, offers these suggestions for people who are struggling to understand why they make wrong decisions:

  • Identify where you are stuck. The first step is finding the exact moment you realized you were doing something you knew you didn’t really want to do.
  • Find the trigger. As soon as you locate the exact moment you went off the rails, find out what triggered the behavior you want to change.
  • Ask yourself: Is this behavior moving me toward my life’s goals? By keeping ultimate goals in mind, it will be easier to take the small steps needed to reach those goals.
  • Don’t let bad habits cause you to have a mediocre life. Bad habits may not be as serious as alcohol or drugs, but they wear on you. Don’t allow bad habits to make your life less fulfilling.
  • Ask for help. If it is a small habit you are trying to break, just telling friends about it can help you internalize the need for change. If it’s a big problem, seek professional help.

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