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A big heart for February

Written by Akers Editorial

February is the month for matters of the heart … both the physical heart and the spirit of the heart.

Both equally can cause the death of a person if not taken care of—having a strong physical heart but living with a broken heart means you’re surviving but not thriving as you truly desire.

For romantic matters of the heart, check out our “Power couples” article and see how three local couples keep their marriages strong. There are great tips to learn from these happy people. Some pray together … stay together. Some play together … stay together. 

February is American Heart Month, and our four-page guide on cardiac health provides information and tips about how to identify, avoid or survive heart disease, the leading killer of Americans. This material could guide you to a healthier life.

Perhaps the key to longevity is tea. In an interview, author Mimi Kirk, 81, extols the virtues of tea and also provides recipes from her book, “Tea-Vitalize.” She believes her favorite beverage has healing powers and helps keep her youthful.

We’re always looking for great story ideas about health matters, inspirational people in the community and more. If you have any suggestions, contact me at

Happy Valentine’s Day and may your month be filled with lots of love … especially for yourself.

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