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A year of healing

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Anita Sanchez, author of “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times,” shares transformational insights offered by the world’s elders:

  1. The power to forgive the unforgiveable. “Release yourself from past pain and trauma through forgiveness.” Allow yourself to live free of the burdens of pain and anger.
  2. The power of unity. “Celebrate your connection to all your life—people, earth, and spirit.” We are not separate. Everything we do affects the intrinsic connection we have personally and globally.
  3. The power of healing. “There are four basic elements of healing: listening, supportive relationships, unconditional love, and committing to creative, positive action.”
  4. The power of hope. “Hope is an eternal energy source that we can tap into to generate the stamina we need to keep moving toward our goals. Let hope inspire you and pull you through even the most difficult times.”

Used with permission.

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