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A little help goes a long way in achieving fitness goals. 

Story: Sidney Gray, ISSA certified


Wow! It’s February already. One month into the new year. As you look back at your fitness goals set in January, several questions may come to mind: “Am I where I need to be in my fitness journey?” “Have I remained on target?” “Is this working?” “Can I continue this journey through the next 11 months by myself?” Then you begin to ask yourself, “Do I even have what it takes to stay committed to working out consistently?” With so many fads and gadgets out there, how do you know what and who to trust on this quest for healthy living?

Truth be told, you have more than enough to get the job done. However, most of us need a little help during the journey. To help you get through that sticking point, here are three things to consider adding to your new fitness lifestyle for the year 2020—remember TAG.

T for Trainer.

Having a certified trainer is a great investment when first starting out on your health and fitness journey. A trainer will have an initial meeting with you to discuss your goals. A trainer also will be helpful to you in avoiding all those gadgets and fad pitfalls that are everywhere nowadays. In fact, those gadgets and fads will cost you money and often cause more harm and disappointment than any lasting results. A good trainer will lead you on your journey with proper exercise, diet (what we like to refer to as nutrition) and the perfect combination of rest and recovery.

A for Accountability Partner.

A trusted accountability partner is an integral piece to starting a fit lifestyle on the right foot and in the right direction. Your accountability partner should be someone you trust and someone who encourages, supports and helps you stick to your fitness goals. This person (or persons) should be someone you know who will compel you to accept full responsibility and stay true to your commitment. It is most helpful if you and your accountability partner possess the same (or close to the same) goals regarding health and fitness. When those excuses and lethargy slowly creep in after all the newness wears off, your accountability partner is a must when you need to remain focused and continue toward your goals.

G for Group Classes.

Group classes are a great way to add motivation and variety to your desired goals. In addition to a certified trainer, by participating in a group class, you become part of a community of like-minded, goal-oriented people who are all working together to achieve the same common goals. If you are the type of person who gets bored with the same routine, a group class will add variety to your workouts. Group classes are fun, high energy and a great way to make new friends. These classes also are supportive and may be just what you need to push you through to your fitness goals.


If you don’t have a gym home, find a gym where you can surround yourself with people who want you to succeed in your journey. A good gym staff can help you create life-changing experiences through health, fitness and motivation. 


About the writer Sidney Gray, owner True Fitness 365 in Leesburg, is certified through the International Sports Sciences Association and has 15 years of experience. He’s committed to helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle and reach their individual goals by providing a specific plan based on proper nutrition and fitness. 



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