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Are you staying healthy this year?

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Can you believe we are well past the halfway mark of 2019? Time does fly when you’re having fun…or is it when your life is just too busy and out of control?

Many people are approaching August and still haven’t completed their goals from January to get in better shape, achieve better health, reach a new fitness goal, or try a new activity.

This month, we interviewed Mina Samuels, the author of “Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year.” She is an inspiration to us all to always follow your heart and try new things. After several years as a full-time attorney, she went for a run one day and never looked back. Now she is an author and speaker, and travels the globe sharing her story about the impact of sports on women’s fitness.

If you decide to take up running, just be sure to read our article in this issue dealing with dehydration so you stay safe in this Florida heat. When in doubt, head to a local gym for a safe run on the treadmill.

Healthy Living is again packed with inspirational and informative articles to help you make choices toward better, happier lives.

We are always looking for local story ideas to share and topics to cover that interest our readers. Or, if you have health-related questions, please send them to us. Perhaps those questions could become feature articles. We might even do a column called Ask Healthy Living. Please email me at

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