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Buddah Board: Master the Art of Letting Go

Buddah-BoardThe staff of Healthy Living recently received the Buddha Board, an artist element inspired by the Zen concept of living in the moment. It’s so easy to use, you can start immediately. All you do is paint the surface of the board with water, and as the water slowly evaporates, you’re left with a clean slate to do another art project.

What I love is you don’t have to be an artist to create with the Buddah Board. It’s simply a tool to help you put in artistic form where you are at the moment. The whole purpose of the board is to help the user to value the present. Without much effort, you find you have a creative side, possibly something you’ve never even considered, and it does bring you happiness in the moment.

Douglas, one of our graphic artists has used the Buddah Board for a while and says, “Both tranquil and relaxing, my Buddah Board helps remind me that nothing is permanent. As the water evaporates, you watch you latest creative outburst fade away and you’re left with a tabula rasa, another fresh beginning to create whatever you like. With the Buddah Board, there’s no anxiety, just let it be.”

I wholeheartedly agree. Take the time for deep breaths while using your Buddah Board, and you go back to your work or other tasks with a clear mind.

The Buddah Board can help you in the midst of a chaotic workday, when you take a quiet break at home, or with the smaller sizes, travel with you to help you find peace away from home. Get more information at, and it’s available at many retailers.


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