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Bump it off and brush it away!

If you’re tired of having several devices to clean various things around the house, you may want to try BUMP IT OFF. This is a silicone sleeve that fits your hand in multiple positions, which makes it easier for your to scrub, rub, or clean the tub!

One side of the BUMP IT OFF has gentle silicone bristles and the other side has smooth bumps, making it great for whatever your need may be. There’s no worry about smell and mold like you have with a sponge. It’s easy to clean and ready to use again quickly.

One of our staff members is an animal lover. She has two dogs and a pet pig, a big pot-bellied pig with dry-skin problems. Who knew that pigs could suffer from dry skin? Anyway, using the BUMP IT OFF helped with the flakiness and itching the poor animal deals with. It made her skin feel much better when her owner applied the coconut oil that helps the problem.

The dogs, a labrador and a Cane Corso, both big, healthy dogs that love the BUMP IT OFF for a good back rub. The dogs would just lie down and wag their tails, enjoying the bliss of a good rub with a silicone sleeve.

Whether you want to use it for scrubbing the shower or rubbing the pig, BUMP IT OFF works well. It fits your hand and makes any job easier. See it or order your own in bright purple, green, orange, or blue at It’s great to use even if you don’t have a pet pig.


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