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Burned out? Join the club

Written by Akers Editorial

I venture to say that all of us have experienced or will experience burnout at some point in our lives.

Burnout can occur at any age and to all groups of people:

Overachieving high school students studying night after night during their entire school year.

The stay-at-home mom working tirelessly day after day to raise kids.

The working men and women working day after day, struggling to find time to rest between work and home responsibilities.

The retired couple spending their days going from one doctor’s appointment to another.

And there are thousands more reasons why we can experience the feeling of being overwhelmed.

We have dedicated this issue to exploring the issues of burnout among the millennial generation and health-care professionals. We want to help you understand the ways to prevent it in your own lives.

If there is one thing that I know for sure would add stress to our lives, it would be homelessness! The pastor of theCross shares the story of how the Mount Dora church had to move from its weekly worship place with little notice. Despite this setback, the church is growing as it continues to meet weekly because of a blessing from the local high school. Read the inspirational feature story and learn how theCross members stay hopeful while preparing for their future home.  

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