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Can you tell us about accelerated radiation treatment course options?

Several new techniques allow for accelerated treatment of certain types of cancer with no loss in efficacy or increase in side effects. One example is SABR, which allows us to treat prostate cancer noninvasively in only five days instead of the standard 45 days. With SABR, we are also able to noninvasively treat early stage lung cancers with control rates comparable to surgical excision, but with dramatically fewer side effects. Partial breast irradiation is possible using the SAVI® device, which allows us to condense post-operative breast cancer irradiation into just 10 treatments over five days. We also offer nonsurgical treatments of small, nonmelanoma skin cancers in as few as six days using high-dose-rate brachytherapy. Florida Oncology Tavares is fortunate to have the technology and clinical expertise to provide these treatments to our patients. While not all patients are candidates for treatment with these accelerated techniques, we place great emphasis on delivering the most technologically advanced and clinically appropriate care to each of our patients, regardless of the duration of their treatment course. 

What makes Florida Oncology Tavares different from other radiation centers?

While we offer a wide array of cutting-edge technology and treatment techniques, I think the best answer to that question is the extent of our focus on our patients. Every aspect of our center and its operations is focused on making our patients’ experience as medically and emotionally therapeutic as possible. Medically, we have invested in technology that allows us to treat patients with an extremely high degree of accuracy, improving outcomes and decreasing side effects. We also offer several treatment techniques which significantly shorten the duration of treatment when compared to other methods. Emotionally, we strive to make our center a source of serenity and hope. Our staff, many of whom have had family members suffer from cancer, places tremendous emphasis on maximizing the patients’ experience with everything they do. Being freestanding and unaffiliated with any hospital system also helps greatly in this regard. Patients frequently express their disappointment as they finish their treatment courses because they will truly miss seeing us every day. We view such comments as the ultimate compliment and continually strive to maintain this level of care for our patients.

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