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Fat Snax Make You a Loser, in the Best Way

Fat-Snax-cookiesMany people have embraced the keto low-carb lifestyle with gusto. The meal plan is easy to follow; you simply avoid carbohydrates. But the unfortunate side of that is carbohydrates is where many of the goodies in life are.

Deny yourself no more. You can now “eat fat to get fit!” Fat Snax has an amazing selection of low-carb cookies. And here’s the big secret: after receiving a feast of samples, the staff here has pronounced them two thumbs up for flavor, texture, and just plain goodness.

These all-natural cookies have no sugar, are made with only healthy fats, and are gluten-free in addition to low carb. That makes them super keto-friendly. You may even feel guilty after eating them!

Made with coconut flour, almond flour, and grass-fed butter, it’s hard to imagine they could be any better for you. The chocolate chip cookies have one to two net carb. There no sugar in the peanut butter cookies, and only eight grams of fat in the lemon cookies. And you can even indulge with double chocolate chip. They’re a perfect, delicious after-workout snack.

One member of our staff cannot tolerate gluten. She found the cookies so delightful, she has already placed an order for them! And that, of course, is why these special cookies were created. The founder of the company couldn’t find a truly low-carb treat that had any flavor.

“Our mission is to make foods that taste incredible and make a keto or low-carb diet more enjoyable,” says Jeff Frese, founder and CEO in a statement from the website. “Utilizing ingredients like coconut flour, butter, and almond flour, I created Fat Snax Cookies. And instead of taste-testing the new recipes with keto friends that I knew would be pleased, I gave our keto snacks to people that are sugar and carbs on a daily basis. When they liked them, I knew everyone would.”

And he was right. Find out more about Fat Snax at and get tips and info from their blog, “The Butter Lover.”

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