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Huel, Europe’s No. 1 Nutrition Brand Comes to the U.S.

Huel-ready-to-drinkHuel meal-replacement drinks have come to America and are being received with great success. The staff of Healthy Living recently received samples of this product and tried it for review.

Huel comes from the combination of two words: human and fuel, which the company believes is the future of food. In spite of the abundance of food in many areas of the world, 795 million people don’t get enough to eat, according to World Hunger Statistics. Huel has been created an easy-to-consume product to aid this problem and encourage the future of food to be healthier for everyone.

Huel is a meal replacement product. Staff members enjoyed the chocolate ready-to-drink mixes and had nothing but good things to say about flavor and being satisfied. It’s also available in smooth vanilla and sweet berry flavors, in bulk powders, and you can now buy it in more than 80 countries.

The ready-to-drink meals have 27 essential vitamins and minerals, 20g of plant protein per bottle, slow-release carbs for sustained energy, essential fatty acids including omega 3 & 6, soluable and insoluble fiber, and the important phytonutrients that are the power of plants.

My son is a weight lifter and read recently that it’s good to replace protein drinks with plant proteins as an added bonus to your food plan. Huel makes that easy and delicious. Get more information about this great meal replacement at

Delicious and nutritious often don’t go hand in hand, but they do with Huel.

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