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It is trendy to be gluten-free!

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There is no doubt that research and studies have proven that gluten is not good in anyone’s diet. But there are some people who have such severe reactions to gluten that it even starts deteriorating their organs with celiac disease. This month, Healthy Living is sharing information and tips for you to know and understand the signs of this painful disease and ways to avoid it. Check out our feature story that goes in depth with information and includes some great recipes.

You also won’t want to miss our supplements article, “Hype or help?” In today’s time, even with the cleanest organic fruits and vegetables and meats, we are not getting the nutrients that we need to support a healthy body through our diet alone. The soil in which these things are grown just does not have the nutrients in it that it did 50 years ago. We are sharing in our article the information that you need to know when choosing a supplement or considering a supplement.

Keep in mind that most of the supplements on the market do more harm than good to the body. Make sure you are getting a high-quality brand to actually benefit your body. There are a few health practitioners in our area that carry the most effective brands that we know of to date.

And it won’t hurt, just for one day, to wash down those supplements with some gluten-free green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Have fun, be safe and stay healthy!

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