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It’s fall time

Written by Akers Editorial

Happy October. This month launches us into all the fun fall holidays and leads us into the new year. I always love this time of year.

October always brings more awareness to cancer and other illnesses. They come to mind in a more prominent way, which usually leads me to make all of my annual appointments for checkups and physicals during this time.

That brings me to our cover feature. If we are more conscious about early detection and preventive ways to stay healthy, then we won’t have to be burdened with pain, sickness, illness and disease. With blood tests and scans that can show you years in advance whether you’re predisposed to certain health conditions, you can be more preventive and know ways to stay healthy.

You also don’t want to miss our article about whether we spend too much time in front of a screen. I bet we all would answer yes to that. We are always looking at a cellphone, a computer tablet or our television. Read this month’s article to find ways to help protect your vision along the way.

And then, last but not least, we all need to read the article on stress. All we hear is “I’m stressed,” “I’m overwhelmed,” “I’ve got too much on my plate.” All the doctors are telling us that stress is the No. 1 killer. Jim Richards, who holds doctorates in theology, Oriental medicine and human behavior, contributes an article that provides important ways to help us better manage stress.  

Wishing you much health and happiness.

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