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Let’s talk about sex

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Why sex is important to women’s overall health.

Story: Irene Hogan

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

So how is your libido? What libido? I hear you say I’m too tired, stressed, fill in the blank for sex.

Nearly 50 percent of women have a low or nonexistent sex drive. So you’re normal. Did you know a woman’s sexuality is important for her self-image and well-being?

A healthy sex drive is linked to longevity. Yes, sex is anti-aging. Hormones, stress, drugs, aging, and lifestyle all may affect a woman’s libido or sex drive. For women, both her mind and body must be functioning optimally for a healthy sex drive. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs frequently prescribed for menopausal symptoms can reduce libido and the ability to orgasm and some drugs cause vaginal dryness.

Sexual activity is important in a woman’s life. However, our never-ending list of demands on time cause a decline in sexual activity that spirals and intensifies relationship issues. Despite knowing sex is important and satisfying, women tend to put it aside and forget to nurture themselves.

Both physical and psychological issues affect our ability to have a satisfying sex life. Vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, lowered desire, inability to reach orgasm all are issues to addressed. They may cause or worsen existing depression and anxiety.

What can be done about it?

Most women have heard about testosterone, the hormone of desire. Though not a cure for every woman, it is certainly a hormone that improves sexual desire and orgasm in women. It normally does not have side effects for most women. Some may experience increased hair growth, but it also may improve mood, mental functioning, metabolism, and muscle mass.

A compounding pharmacy can tailor therapy for you in partnership with your physician. Other herbs that may be useful include macca, tribulus, l-arginine, ginkgo biloba, and fenugreek.

Sex is good for you and improves your quality of life. So what are you waiting for? If it’s an issue, talk to someone about your libido today.

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Irene Stronczak-Hogan is a national certified menopause practitioner; nutrition, natural medicine and anti-aging specialist; and a professional compounding pharmacist. She has worked in women’s health for more than 20 years. For more information, visit

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