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Look good. Feel good.

Written by Akers Editorial

I love that we combine look and feel together because they really do go hand in hand.

When you feel good, you look better, and when you look good, you feel better!

Wouldn’t it be nice to look good and feel good all the time?

One thing I know is that being positive and staying hopeful about our future will make us happier and feel better. Making any conscious choices to have better health, better mobility, and to take care of ourselves makes us feel better than we do when we have the “I give up” mentality.

This issue is packed with local people who tell their inspirational stories of how they have overcome different challenges that depleted their health and happiness.

These stories are meant to encourage us to love and accept ourselves and yet move forward with dreams and goals so we can become better versions of ourselves, if that’s what we so desire.

I’ve known the woman featured in our cover story, Vicki Paynter, for more than 25 years and watched her through the years become a wife and mother. I’ve also seen her grow in her career. I always knew she was beautiful inside and out, but I also knew for most of the past decade that she didn’t feel that way about herself. She was depressed and had gained weight. She was in pain throughout her body with aches she thought were part of aging. 

She didn’t give up! She pushed on to find a better quality of life. It took courage to make those changes and she is my hero. She is still just as beautiful as she always was to me, but now she sees it and feels it.

Here is a big high-five to you and all the others who were so gracious to share their secrets and successes with all of us. You inspire us all!

May we all strive to look good and feel good every day!

Until next month,


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