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Try Masigi Pulling Oil for Better Oral Health

When I received the package of “pulling oil,” I couldn’t imagine what it was. However, after reading the instructions and using it, I’m happy to know about it.

According to the Masigi website, oil pulling is an ancient oral art. It’s called “pulling” because you put coconut oil in your mouth and pull it between your teeth to remove toxins, whiten teeth, strengthen jaws, and even help clear sinuses.

Though you can keep a jar of coconut oil on hand and scoop the coconut oil out, Masigi has a better idea. They sell the oil in perfect-portion tubes so there’s no measuring or wondering if you’re doing it right. There also the addition of an organic essential oil that enhances the flavor.

Once you get your small tube, just hold it in your palms until the oil warms enough to be liquid. Swish it in your mouth for 5+ minutes, and then spit it out.

Keep in mind it is an oil, so dispose of it in the trash, not your toilet or sink. It will cause plumbing problems if you don’t remember this.

You could scoop solid coconut oil out of a jar, then put it in your mouth to liquefy. Or you could use the tidier, more precise packets from Masigi. Their single-serve tubes have a perfect portion of coconut oil, with added organic essential oil to enhance the flavor. Before you open the package, warm the oil between your palms to make it liquid, and then squish it between your teeth for 5+ minutes while you finish your makeup or get dressed.

In addition to the single-serving packages, this high-quality product is made in Wrightsville Beach, North Carlina, and contains 100 percent organic virgin coconut oil that is chemical free, has no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Use it regularly to make your mouth healthier, your teeth whiter, and freshen your breath. Get more information at and enjoy great oral health.

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