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Ocala Eye Surgery Center:Focusing on the patient

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Ocala Eye Surgery Center offers customized care from a highly dedicated team.

Cataract surgery is intricate and specialized, and a patient wouldn’t want to trust their eyes to just any facility. Many eye-care providers are associated with multi-specialty clinics where staff may not be well-trained specifically in cataract surgery.

The Ocala Eye Surgery Center performs only eye procedures. The accredited center emphasizes safety, quality and commitment from a team that includes 13 highly trained surgeons using state-of-the-art technology and techniques and implementing a customized approach to each patient.

“The biggest reason that our surgery center is special is that every person in the facility is dedicated to working on eye care and they’re familiar with the procedures and they’re familiar with the common questions, so I think it’s a really reassuring environment,” says Dr. Jodie Armstrong, an ophthalmologist who has worked at Ocala Eye for 13 years and specializes in laser vision cataract surgery. “The level of detail and clinical skill is really great at our facility.”

The Ocala Eye Surgery Center has four dedicated main operating rooms and two dedicated minor ORs, a LASIK suite with two lasers dedicated solely to LASIK surgery and a second laser suite that utilizes a femtosecond laser to assist in cataract surgery. A femtosecond is the speed at which the laser fires. Two other laser suites are used for retina, glaucoma and floater treatments. “The entire surgical staff, from scrub technicians to anesthesia providers to nurses, are well-trained in eye procedures,” Dr. Armstrong says.

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, and the most common reason for a cataract to develop is aging. As a cataract develops, it becomes cloudier and obstructs the flow of light into the eye. The goal of cataract surgery is to remove the obstructive cataract from inside the eye and replace it with a clear lens, which helps restore vision for the patient.

“Ocala Eye perfo

rms advanced cataract surgery, meaning the center uses the most up-to-date techniques, preoperative screening and customized care to get the optimal outcome for each patient,” says Dr. Mohammed K. ElMallah, M.D., who specializes in laser vision cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery.

All of Ocala Eye’s cataract surgeons are board-certified in ophthalmology and individual subspecialties with extensive training and education at premier universities. Dr. ElMallah, for example, earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and completed a glaucoma fellowship at Duke University.

“We’ve been able to gather and retain some of the most highly trained and skilled surgeons in the country. That’s one aspect that really does set Ocala Eye apart,” says Dr. ElMallah, who has practiced at Ocala Eye since 2008.

The varied training of the surgeons enables Ocala Eye to provide more options when it comes to cataract surgery. The doctors sit down with patients to learn how they spend their time and determine their visual needs, then customize the lens type to suit the patient. “Comprehensive preoperative work includes measuring and mapping the cornea, determining whether there is any astigmatism to correct and prescreening for macular disease, glaucoma, corneal disease and any other issues so there are no surprises after cataract surgery,” Dr. ElMallah says.

In the operating room, surgeons use ORA System Technology or intraoperative aberrometry, which allows for real-time measurements of the eye during surgery to be more precise with lens power selection.

Dr. ElMallah notes that Ocala Eye has a superior safety record. “While cataract surgery has a low risk of complications, the complication and infection rates at Ocala Eye are significantly lower than national averages, and the percentage of effective outcomes—how close a patient’s vision after surgery matches the target expectation before surgery—is higher than the national average,” he says.

Restoring vision or helping patients maintain their vision for a lifetime is rewarding for Dr. Armstrong, who completed her ophthalmology residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and served on the faculty of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Institute, considered to be the No. 1 eye institute in the world.

“One thing that is nice about ophthalmology is you tend to have a relationship with patients over time and over the aging process, and there are interventions that we can do to keep them seeing well or to get them seeing better,” she says.

Dr. ElMallah adds that the gratitude he feels from patients who now can see better than ever makes all the hard work and dedication by the team at Ocala Eye Surgery Center worthwhile.

“We pride ourselves on being a practice that centers around the patient, doing what’s best for the patient, and always doing right by the patient.”

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