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Sine Wallace, a personal trainer and owner of Wallace Fitness in Mount Dora, breaks down five popular cardio exercises for beginners.

Source for calorie burning: webmd.com

Stair climber 

“Start this exercise for 5-10 minutes and gradually increase your time.” 

Pro: “It shapes up your legs and butt.”

Con: “Can cause additional problems for those with knee pain.” 

*A 200-pound person doing 30 minutes on a stair climber will burn 410 calories.


“Beginners should walk at a medium speed and do 20 minutes with no elevation. Once you build up stamina, you can increase the elevation a little at a time.”

Pro: “It’s easier for joints because you’re walking or running on a surface.”

Con: “If you have knee issues, you don’t want to use elevation because that will increase your pain.”

*At a moderate level, a 200-pound person who spends 30 minutes on a treadmill will burn 410 calories.


“Beginners should do 15 minutes of low intensity. After that, if you feel like you can go longer, then increase intensity and do 30 minutes.”

Pro: “The elliptical works out your upper and lower body.”

Con: “There is no incline, so you won’t get the highest level of cardivascular benefit.”

*At a moderate pace, a 200-pound person who spends 30 minutes on an elliptical machine will burn 228 calories.


“Beginners can start by running one minute, then walking for 20 seconds. Then they can run two minutes, walk for 30 seconds and then stop. Start at a slow pace, then pick up speed.”

Pro: “By running outdoors, the sun is providing your body with vitamin D.”

Con: “If you have back or knee issues, the constant pounding is not good for your joints.”

*A 200-pound person running in place for 30 minutes will burn 364 calories.

Stationary bike 

“Program the bike at low-intensity settings and pedal for 10 minutes. If you can carry on a conversation comfortably, then you’re not pedaling hard enough. If possible, try to go an additional five minutes every time you ride.”

Pro: “It’s great for legs and calves.”

Con: “You have to adjust the bike to fit your body. Otherwise, it can cause knee or hip problems.”

*At a moderate pace, a 200-pound person doing 30 minutes on a stationary bike will lose 319 calories.

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