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Recapturing inner spirit

Written by Akers Editorial

Though we’ve spent our lives blinded by the rules of society, recapturing inner spirit can feel as simple and natural as waking up in the morning.

Story: Brian Clement, Ph.D., LN

As children, we are often taught to memorize prayers, to read holy books and to attend services. We are then evaluated and judged on how seriously we take this process. Seemingly the more pious we are, the holier we are. After reaching layer after layer, plateau after plateau, we are supposed to achieve enlightenment and consciousness. Sadly, I think this approach robs us of the true meaning of spirit.

We are each born with a bottomless reserve of Godliness. This abundant purity is all relevant at all times. There is not an answer that you cannot receive by dipping your hands into the deep well of wisdom that spirituality provides. 

Unfortunately, human intervention has mislead many to believe that we need to go through elaborate processes to get to simple truths. Truth is ever present and available in egalitarian ways. There are no privileged or greater. There are just egoless receivers of knowledge. Our desire to establish a pattern of religious or spiritualistic procedures bars us from capturing the true essence of the gift. 

Children are untainted by the negative minds and actions of their parents and live in a heightened state of awareness. Abundantly they laugh, move and share, almost as if they are on a wire attached to heaven. They mimic the unspoiled heart of happiness and well-being. 

How then can you recapture what is inherently a gift you were born with? Begin by removing the burden you have placed upon yourself. Make “relax” your new mantra. As you learn to let go more and more, you can evoke in yourself the purity of thought and abundance of knowledge that guides us in a life of integrity.

What integrity really represents is wholeness. This place of growth permits you to focus in on yourself and emerge from the cocoon of deception. Once you break through this veil of suffering, joy easily fills your soul and the language of peace blossoms. 

Do not pursue spirit; become it! Allow life, do not force it. Expect love; do not fabricate it. Tell truth; do not calculate it. Share openly; do not conceal it. Every higher aspiration will invite you to participate in the Godliness it provides. 

In the multifarious social abnormality of modern society, this is the only way to authenticity. Each of us represents the perfection of God. I feel that all of us have the obligation to maximize our devotion.

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