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Recovering from Loss

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Writer: Leann Zotis

Facing the death of a loved one or dealing with a chronic illness on a daily basis can make you feel like you’re in a constant uphill battle, but there are ways to cope.

Life is challenging. There’s no getting around it. Loved ones leave us, either by choice or by mortality. Circumstances change in odd ways. Bodies strengthen or weaken throughout the course of living. Society offers a mixed bag of both curses and blessings. The reality of living is simple, it takes a strong personal constitution to triumph.

It is in the struggle that you will find strength. Just as you must increase the amount of resistance you work against if you want to build muscle at the gym, you will also benefit from the trials and tribulations life throws your way. Learn to rejoice in the journey.

One of life’s greatest personal challenges often comes with the death of a beloved person. For most people, the first brush with death comes with the passing of a family member. Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles can be close influences early in life and their absence leaves a hole that will never be filled by anyone else. Knowing and accepting this fact should give you a greater appreciation for the temporal nature of life. It brings you into the present and gives you the eyes to see just how important the people in your life are to you right now.

Most people will experience job loss in their lifetime. In the short term, this is a shock and a source of fear of the unknown. If it happens unexpectedly, you may be ill-prepared for a shift in income or lifestyle. It may seem like the worst of all possible forks in the road. In reality, losing a job can open doors you never would have anticipated. Losing your job can lead to learning new skills, taking on new responsibilities, maybe even moving to a new city. Your world can expand and you can grow when life throws you an unexpected twist in your career plans. It’s always good to embrace change and give it a chance to change your life for the better.

Few people get through life with absolutely perfect health. Everyone must face something, whether it’s a chronic ailment or a life-threatening disease. Chronic conditions or acute maladies can throw your life plans all askew. Rather than become disheartened by this change in fortune, use it as a way to improve yourself, even in the face of physical problems. Knowing your body is not always going to be youthful and strong can give you the motivation to eat better, exercise more, eliminate bad habits, and learn to care for yourself in ways that will maximize your healthy physical condition throughout life.

Life events may not always follow the idealistic plans you established for yourself when everything seemed to be under your control. That’s OK. Adversity and resistance are the building blocks of a solid constitution and a strong mind. Every challenge, even if it seems tragic at the time, is a chance to grow and become stronger. It can lead you to influence others who face similar problems. It can take you to the peak of your own levels of achievement. In short, accept every challenge and do your best to mold it into your own personal victory.

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