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Vaccinations have been a hot topic for several years now. There are many passionate people on both sides of the fence of whether or not these shots are causing their body harm or giving them the protection they need to stay healthy.

In this issue, you will read an in-depth feature on the subject. We interviewed professionals and parents who gave their reasons for why they vaccinate or why they don’t. They give detailed responses to many questions about their views on vaccinations. And doctors and health-care professionals give their expertise and share what they think people should know when making that important decision to vaccinate or not.

I know as a parent of six children that all we want is the best for our kids and for them to stay healthy and live a long life protected from all the bacteria and germs in the world. All we can do, however, is stay as informed as we can and make the best decisions we can for our children. That’s one reason why we decided to do this feature, to shed light on what we all need to know when making these decisions for our kids and ourselves.

For this issue, I also wanted to remind our readers that we have a monthly column that has been published in this magazine for almost 10 years. We are honored to showcase nationally admired financial guru Dave Ramsey. He’s the author of “The Total Money Makeover” workbook and “The Money Answer Book” and courses such as Financial Peace University and Foundations Curriculum. Don’t forget to check out his column, “Dave Says,” each month and look for ways to better manage your money. Wishing you much health and happiness.


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