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Written by Leigh Neely

With all the encouragement to keep moving these days, there are more people running, bicycling, and generally being more active. Occasionally, that can cause some knee pain. No need to worry, itBandz can help.

itBandz for Knees are neoprene patellar knee bands that not only support and stabilize the knee while you’re active, they also help alleviate pain from tendonitis, arthritis, and other chronic knee problems.

Though I don’t run or bicycle, I walk up two flights of stairs two to three times daily. One set of stairs is especially steep so you’re feeling the results of the climb when you get to the top. However, with the itBandz, there were no problems. I also tend to have knee pain at night when I go to bed. After wearing the itBandz during the day, I noticed that pain went away too.

ItBandz help with the pain caused by so many problems—patellar tendonitis, lliotybial band syndrome, Osgood Schlatter disease, even pronated or flat feet. If you’re like me, you have hip pain when you do a lot of walking. Wearing the itBandz helps with that too.

Check the website: for details on products. The bands come in three sizes, with the circumference measured below the knee from 9 inches (small) to 21 inches (large). To care for it, you simply wash it like your swimsuit, in cold water with a mild detergent.

These itBandz work well, and if you’re planning a trip where you’ll be walking a lot, don’t forget to pack them with your guidebooks.


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