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Thankful for November

Written by Akers Editorial

November is one of my favorite months. It starts the holiday season of all the beautiful decorations. The weather gets a little nicer. There is less humidity and cooler evenings. And, of course, I’m always thinking about the big feast that’s coming in a few weeks. What’s on the menu? Who’s coming over for dinner?

I’m excited about this month’s cover feature, Whitney Miller, who gained notoriety on the most popular show on television in the world, “MasterChef.” There is only one thing on television that is more watched and that is sports. That is quite impressive! Healthy Living was fortunate to be able to interview Whitney, the first-ever “MasterChef” winner in the United States. Read about her experience and her advice on being a chef and what it was like working alongside the infamous Gordon Ramsay.

Also in this issue, we are covering the importance of a great smile. Many say that it’s the first thing you notice about a person. Not only does great oral health care prevent you from some serious health illnesses, but it also works hand-in-hand with your self-esteem and making a great impression on people you meet.

And the most important thing about this wonderful month is to remember to be thankful. We spoke to some people on the streets of Lake County and they told us what they are thankful for this year.

Wishing you much health and happiness!

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