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The buzz on mosquitos

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It may be November, but this is Florida, and if it’s hot and humid, mosquitos are a problem. Since we’ve had hurricanes and an increase in flooding, there are plenty of watery places for mosquitos to lay eggs. Rescue Smarter Pest Control has Mosquito GoClip Repellent to help keep you free of the little pests. It can be clipped to your clothing or anywhere and it works well. A Healthy Living staff member used it on a pool cabana during a family vacation when mosquitos were biting and found it very effective. The contents of the clip are all-natural essential oils, it’s DEET-free and safe for children, and the resealable pouch means you can use it several times. There’s also a yellow jacket repellent, which would be great for people who are allergic to the stinging. It’s also effective against hornets, wasps and bees. See for information.

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