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Trust your intuition

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Jill Sylvester is a licensed medical health counselor and wellness coach. She is also the author of “Trust Your Intuition,” which features ways to transform anxiety and depression into better mental health. Here are four steps she offers clients to help them flex their intuition muscles:

Start small

Focus on day-to-day decisions such as food choice or minor requests you’ve received. Check in with yourself about what you really feel is best.

Switch out of autopilot

When you’re operating on autopilot, it’s easy to be swayed by other people’s choices and to let the voice of the inner gremlins steering you in the wrong direction take over.

Check in with yourself

Do you feel expanded, open and relaxed at the prospect of doing something, or  tight, agitated and restricted?  The latter points to saying “no…”


Practice all of the above.  The more you do it, the better you will get at it.

Over time you will see that in trusting your intuition, you will be able to act and choose from a place of confidence, self-assuredness, and self-possession.

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