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UNOVA Health began its vision to bring better patient care and outcomes to orthopedic patients in 2015. This idea piloted the development and construction of a 26,000 square foot state of the art facility in Lady Lake, Florida in 2016. In 2017 UNOVA opened its doors to patients offering not just the best in orthopedic and arthritis treatments but supporting services such as open MRI, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and a full-service Urgent Care Center, all under one-roof. 

Thomas McCoy, M.D.

At UNOVA Health we are an integrated team of providers dedicated to the delivery of advanced joint replacement and arthritis care. Our team is comprised of operative and non-operative Orthopedic Surgeons, as well as certified Physician Assistants, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapists and Radiology Technicians. Most patients that present with arthritis concerns can be treated very effectively with non-surgical treatment options and do not need surgical intervention. These providers deliver treatment options such as bracing, casting, and physical therapy including modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound. They also provide injection therapy in the form of, Hyaluronic Acid derivatives (HA) sometimes referred to as “rooster comb, gel or lubricant”, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), short acting steroid (cortisone), and long acting steroid (Zilretta). 

The UNOVA Urgent Care provides non-life-threatening health care. A patient presenting to UNOVA’s Urgent Care Center with an injury can be diagnosed and set up for most interventions that they might need from casting to surgery within 24 hours. The in-house diagnostic imaging, open MRI, diagnostic lab and EKG capabilities are key to this process. The UNOVA Urgent Care also plays a vital role for our post-operative patients if they have any concerns after surgery. They can come in without an appointment and be evaluated by a provider that has access to their complete medical record, the surgical assistant, and the surgeon, thereby averting any unnecessary visits to the ER.

J. Mandume Kerina, M.D.

At UNOVA we recognize that although we treat a diverse patient population, it includes a unique set of patients, our valued seniors. Although they remain extremely active, they have a distinct set of concerns and pose some unique challenges when it comes to orthopedic care delivery. “To deliver on our commitment to excellence and the delivery of unparalleled patient centric care, the UNOVA team is dedicated to seeking out or developing innovations that impact the patient experience; as such we are constantly looking at innovative ways to improve”, says Dr. Kerina. In the last ten years there has been tremendous growth in the knowledge of the pathophysiology of arthritis and the biomechanics of the joints involved.” This has opened the door to the development of treatment alternatives that were not available just 10 years ago. “We have spent the last decade and a half modifying and improving our processes and procedures. This has culminated in us being able to deliver a unique set of services to our patients”. 

Our unique offerings include: 

Opioid Free Anesthesia and Post-Op Recovery:

This allows our patients to awaken from anesthesia more alert and oriented, allowing them to participate in post op physical therapy immediately after surgery, often in the recovery room. It also diminishes the likelihood of memory or mental capacity loss while eliminating the risk of opioid dependency which can be triggered as quickly as three days after initiating opioid use.

Outpatient Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement:

This Surgery program will be available beginning January 2020. The program will allow us to give our appropriate patients the option of avoiding an unnecessary hospital admission, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs being passed on to our patients.

Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement:

Our surgeons are trained in the modified direct anterior Hueter approach to the hip. When compared to the traditional posterior hip approach this approach is a muscle sparring approach that consistently delivers on rapid recovery with high patient satisfaction and virtually eliminates the risk of hip dislocation. With the combination of the anterior hip approach and opioid free anesthesia we can deliver our outpatient total hip replacement program.

Patient Specific Partial or Unicondylar Knee Replacement:

Work pioneered by Dr. J Mandume Kerina, led to the development of a new radiographic and anatomic patient selection criteria for partial knee replacement and subsequently to the balanced–aligned resection surgical technique for partial knee replacement as well as the first 3rd generation partial knee replacement or MOTO Unicondylar Knee. The MOTO in combination with the balanced–aligned resection technique is the first partial knee system that allows the surgeon every intraoperative option available in a total knee replacement (TKA) while preserving all the patient’s ligaments and normal cartilage and bone.  Since the procedure does not involve the removal or release of any of the knee’s ligaments, these knees feel and function more like the patients’ natural knee when compared to those with a total knee replacement. Studies show that when patients over 65 years old are treated with partial knee replacements for single compartment arthritis, a higher percentage not only returned to sporting activities, but they did so faster and engaged in more sporting sessions for a longer time period than those with total knee replacements. At UNOVA health since we provide both total and partial knee replacement options and we will work with you to determine which is the better option for you.

Kinematically Aligned Total knee Replacement:

With the addition of Dr. Thomas McCoy to the UNOVA roster in December 2019, UNOVA is able to offer the unique Kinematically Aligned Medial Pivot Total Knee Replacement for the first time in central Florida. Dr. McCoy comes to UNOVA from Ortho Carolina in North Carolina. Dr McCoy has thirty years of experience in orthopedic joint replacement surgery and has had a role in numerous orthopedic innovations involving orthopedic implants, instrumentation, and surgical techniques. The kinematic alignment technique transforms a total knee replacement into a resurfacing procedure which diminishes the need for ligament releases allowing the surgeon to balance the knee through the bone. The ligaments are thus restored to their pre-disease balance allowing for greater knee stability and restoring the knees normal flexion/extension and rotation. Once again delivering a knee which feels more like a “normal knee”.

Being outcome driven, UNOVA is focused on increasing patient functional levels while reducing complications and costs. Increasing the functional levels of patients allows them to remain active and increases their overall health. With UNOVA Health’s proximity to The Villages and surrounding areas this is a major concern of our patients. Our goal at UNOVA is to provide our patients with a roadmap to achieving that goal.

Unova Health // 539 Rolling Acres Rd, Lady Lake // 352.973.4070 //

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