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Shayna Grunewald, CEO

What does it mean for a home health-care agency to be ACHC accredited?

Like Hospitals, Medicare certified Home Health Agencies must be “Accredited” by an entity that is “Deemed” (approved) by CMS to ensure ,through on-site inspection, that we are preforming and providing Skilled Care in accordance with CMS Medicare Regulations. Lake Centre Home Care is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). ACHC spends a few days with us every few years observing and ensuring we provide services as defined by CMS. Accreditation surveys ensure we are delivering excellent patient care, that we are following Medicare regulations as well as Florida’s AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) regulations. Surveyors spend time with our patients to determine if they are informed and had the opportunity to participate in the development of their Plan of Care and Therapy. Surveyors review patients’ records to ensure it reflects what is provided in the patient’s home, that physician orders are followed, and Medicare criteria is met ,such as HomeBound Status. Getting surveyed is an in-depth scrutiny of every aspect of what is required and expected of a Medicare Home Health Agency. Accreditation is required and yes “It’s a big deal to be accredited”. It proves that you are providing patients appropriate care and therapy, that you instill ethical business practices
and are a business in good standing.

What does it mean for a home health-care agency to be listed with a 5-star-rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)?

Lake Centre Home Care has a 5-star rating. Like other business entities that utilize a Star Rating, the intent is to provide the Public with an “At-a-Glance” indication of a company’s performance. CMS utilizes a rating scale from 1 to a 5 Stars. It is based on confidential patient feedback provided by our patients directly to Medicare regarding their services from us. Patients are asked whether they felt safe, if we helped them, if our Nurses and Therapists were sensitive to their pain, did we keep them informed, would they want to return to us should they need Home Health in the future, and other questions. STAR ratings are also utilized by hospitals and doctors to consider which Agency they refer their patients to.The “STAR Rating is one of many ways that Medicare measures our performance. Our “Outcomes” are also compared to all Florida Medicare certified Home Health Agencies. Such “Outcome” measures include: patient improvement resulting from our Care and Therapy, were our patients “Re-Hospitlized”, did they acquire a new infection while under our care, did they utilize hospital emergency services and was it preventable. These measures keep us focused to provide quality, timely and effective care and therapy, to each patient and every visit.


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