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Vahdam Teas Are Healthy and Delicious

Vahdam-TeasThe staff in the Healthy Living offices has been thoroughly enjoying the samples we received from Vahdam Teas. Not only were the teas a big hit, but staff members were impressed with the beautiful packaging.

Vahdam Teas come directly from India’s gardens to you. They are grown honestly and ethically, with tradition, purity, and flavor in mind. All of that comes through in each cup. We were given a wonderful array of samples that have been used in a number of ways. The loose teas were even part of a lung patient’s aromatherapy.

Our resident vegan said she especially enjoyed the different teas for their purposes. For example, moringa tea worked gently but effectively with digestive issues. Her favorite is the Ashwagandha, though she enjoys all of them.

The value of drinking tea with tumeric is seen in many ways. It eases pain and inflammation, boosts immunity, is a powerful adaptogen, reduces stress, aids with digestion and metabolism, and nourishes the skin. In addition, tumeric enhances brain function, has anti-aging components, and is an energizing detox.

We are still enjoying our samples and the benefits provided. We highly recommend this tea for those who are looking for health benefits or those who simply enjoy a variety of teas. Check out for all the information on the products you’ll need.

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