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Vermont Village Green Energy!'
Written by Leigh Neely

For years, health enthusiasts have touted the value of drinking apple cider vinegar daily. For some, like me, the taste is just too difficult to handle. However, Vermont Village has created a line of raw and organic apple cider vinegar that has better flavor, which makes it easier to drink.

The Green Energy Functional Vinegar is great because it’s raw and unfiltered. You’ll see sediment in the bottom, but that’s what Vermont Village refers to as “The Mother.” The mother culture of acetic bacteria that is used to convert hard apple cider to vinegar, and it’s still live in the bottle. It’s a normal part of the process and completely safe to drink. You can get the vinegar flavored with organic honey and organic cranberries or blueberries. See what they have to offer at

You can even choose how to drink it: take a straight shot, mix it with sparkling water, or put it in your water bottle. It’s convenient and goes down easy.



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