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Watkins Products Still Make History

Watkins-almond-vanilla-and-lemon-extractsWhen I was growing up, my mother always used Watkins products. She considered the vanilla flavoring the best, their cinnamon made the best toast, and the linament an essential household item.

When I received the sample products, I immediately sent an email to see if it was the same company. I learned it was established in 1868, and they are even better today. You still can’t go wrong with Watkins. My 91-year-old mother wasn’t surprised.

The company now has an expanded line of organic spices and spice blends. My daughter and I have been sampling them in our cooking and they’re wonderful. Imagine that, three generations of my family using these great products.

The Pure Ground Cinnamon, along with the black pepper is USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO. They’re also award-winning products, which explains why the flavors blend so well and make eating a pleasure.

“The new organic spices and spice blends were created to meet the needs of today’s consumers and their appetite for differing flavor profiles,” said J.R. Rigley, president of The Watkins Company. “We’re eager to offer them organic versions of trusted Watkins spices like cinnamon and black pepper as well as new blends with on-trend flavor profiles including Organic Steak Seasoning, Organic All Purpose Seasoning Salt Free. and Organic Turmeric,” in a quote from the website.

Watkins-organic-lemon-pepperWith the need for less sodium in our diets, these spices add flavor and nutritional benefits that make meals better. They’re inexpenive, around $4.99 to $6.99, and are package in recyclable glass that protects the aroma and flavor of the spices and herbs. You can find them at retail stores and get more information and learn about all the produts at Keep traditions in the kitchen alive with these great spices, herbs, and flavorings.

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