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What goes around comes around

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One universal law says what goes around, comes around.

Story: Shannon Carroll

As sure as gravity, lift, and thrust, there are universal and immutable laws firmly embedded into creation and life itself that once we grasp them, we can use them for our benefit, to work for us rather than against us.

One that can radically change many aspects of our lives and health is the law of the seed—sowing and reaping.

By sowing and reaping, we understand what common sense is to a farmer or one who has carefully observed nature. That is the simple fact that what we sow, and cultivate, yields far more in return.

A single kernel of corn will produce 600 or more kernels per ear, with two to four ears per stalk. That is 1,200 to 2,400 kernels from just one single seed.

Bear in mind the law of the seed: “Every seed bears after its own kind.” Pretty obvious, too, right? No one would plant corn and expect a harvest of wheat, now would they? 

There are more pretty obvious facts about seeds: quality, nurture, and quantity. For a good, quality crop, I plant good seed into good soil and spend the time, and patience, to nurture it with water and remove the weeds that choke it. Then I harvest exponential quantity in direct proportion to the amount of seed I plant.

So, how can I use this law to positively affect my life and health?

Well, the obvious physical health application is in diet and exercise. I shouldn’t be living on pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, and beer and be surprised that it’s taking a toll on my girth and energy levels. Sowing the good seed of healthy whole foods into my body, in the right quantity, with enduring patience, will yield results. No seed grows overnight. Hang in there.

The same is true for investing time in exercise. Patience. Start slow and stay with it for the long haul. Improving physical health is a life-valuing decision to nurture the one and only body you have—to enjoy wholesome quality of life for your family, your friends, and the purpose for which you are created.

The law of the seed works financially, too, as taught in 2 Corinthians 9:6-11. But more than health and wealth, Jesus used the same principle when he taught about emotional and social wholeness in Luke 6:37-38. He patiently and lovingly gives us a heads up: Hand out judgment and condemn others, he warns, and those will come back to you “good measure, pressed down and running over”; in other words, much more judgment and condemnation will come back at you.

But, on the flip side, be forgiving, and that, too, will come back to you exponentially multiplied.

Consider what size and type of harvest you desire in different areas of your life. Then, just put this law to work. Sow the amount of quality seed, nurture them, and be patient.

About the writer Shannon Carroll is lead pastor at Church in Eustis. His background includes open-air crusades and ministry leader conferences in Southern and Central Africa.

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